Donnerstag, Januar 19, 2006

The olympic motto

Today I visited the blog from yarnharlot and I found this post and I decided to be a member of the olympic motto. My challenge is to knit 2 preemie sets. I really don't like to knit these little socks, but I want to win a gold medal :-)

Mittwoch, Januar 11, 2006

New Wool :-)

Today I got my wool, I bought from the money given to me on my birthday. The wool is called "Kaun" and I saw it two months ago and felt in love ;-) You can see more of it here. These wool is not for socks. I want to needle scarves.

Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006

My birthday present

I have got this wonderful coloured wool as a birthday present from my husband and my son.

I want to colour this wool. I have not ever done that before, but I love to try new things.

Dienstag, Januar 03, 2006

First socks in 2006

My first socks in 2006:

Wool: Opal Doctorfish 56 gr.
Pattern: knit stitch
Time: 7 days

Wool: Opal from the December subscription 56 gr
Pattern: Fluted Banister from Six Socks Knitalong from Oct. 04
Time: 10 days

Montag, Januar 02, 2006

My sockswool

I started a sockswool-diet three months ago. I was not allowed to buy sockswool (with exception of my opal-subscription) and that was very effective.
Here two pictures of my sockswool. I have now 28 balls, two pairs on my needles and about 300 gr. left-overs = 3.300 gr. My goal is under 2000 gr at the end of 2006. I will do my very best :-)