Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006

My birthday present

I have got this wonderful coloured wool as a birthday present from my husband and my son.

I want to colour this wool. I have not ever done that before, but I love to try new things.


At Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006 3:45:00 PM, Blogger christina said...

What a great birthday present! I'm enjoying your blog even though I've never knit a sock in my life.

Do you have a German knitting blog as well?

At Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006 3:45:00 PM, Blogger Shanidy said...

Your birthday present is lovely...all of it! I'm so jealous of all of the sock yarns that are available to you! It seems like we get the leftovers on all of the wonderful self-striping yarns!

At Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006 4:24:00 PM, Anonymous Bonnie said...

Your knitting is lovely, and I am envious of your sock yarn stash!

At Mittwoch, Januar 04, 2006 8:03:00 PM, Blogger Betty said...

Ooops. I think I posted in the wrong place. Your socks are gorgeous and comfy looking and your son and husband get a big HURRAY for picking out such great yarn.

I'd like to hear about your Opal subscription... please.

At Donnerstag, Januar 05, 2006 12:29:00 PM, Blogger Heike said...


I think the subscription is only possible for Germans. Four times a year I receive a parcel with 6 balls of yarn. It is called "range developement". Not all of these balls will be sold afterwards at the store.

You can have a look at my subscription from the last year at my German blog: and then go the point "Opal-Abo" on the left side.

I hope, you understand, what I mean ;) English is difficult, when the vocabulary is missing.

At Samstag, Januar 07, 2006 5:29:00 PM, Blogger Lynne said...

Very nice socks, some beautiful colors I have never seen before.

At Samstag, Januar 07, 2006 7:20:00 PM, Anonymous Sidney said...

Your boxes of yarn look like little works of art in themselves. Mosaics of color! Thanks for the visual treat.


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